Childrens Party Ideas: Stepping Beyond the Typical Backyard Bash

A recent gathering in Raleigh, North Carolina saw children and adults literally taking off their shoes. Not only did they walk barefoot, but they spent the day without their shoes to call attention to the fact that over 400 million young people go without a necessity most of us take for granted -- literally the shoes for their feet. It was all in good fun -- and for a worthy cause. Those participants now know that their few hours of fun and discomfort have helped put shoes on other feet that desperately need them. Just down the road, 13-year-old Grace was greeting friends arriving to celebrate her birthday, brightly wrapped gifts in hand. Nearby, the gift table was already overflowing with gifts. All were open and on display for all to see. Guests "oohed" and "aahed over bags of dog food, cans of cat food, and even a sack of horse feed. An animal lover since birth, Grace had invited all her friends to celebrate her entry into her teen years. Fun-filled activities were definitely on the agenda. In lieu, however, of the usual assortment of teen gifts, Grace had requested that guests bring a food item to donate to the local animal shelter. A growing trend in parties and gatherings is one of the best things about today's social scene. The idea of giving back, of socialized donations, and helping deserving causes while having fun with friends and family has become infectious. More people are getting in on the act every day. In today's culture, families find themselves giving parties, attending parties and increasingly tiring of spending time at one cookie-cutter event after another. Many are also concerned that such an environment of abundance has placed too much emphasis upon the receiving rather than upon the giving. They love the idea of giving back and of calling attention to the needs of others in our sometimes too materialism-driven world. While no one wants to give up birthday parties or celebrations in their lives, why not couple a few such events with a call for action for a favorite cause or charity? Shoes, pet food or any other worthy giving act of kindness can be just the icing on the cake. AmyAdele Stationery, Invitations and Gifts prides itself on being a part of celebrations of all kinds. For childrens party ideas, invitations, thank-you notes, address labels or small gifts, check out our website and blog for inspiration.
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