Back To School: Childrens Party Themes

The end of summer can be a conflicting time for some children. The light-hearted days of summer are coming to an end but it is also an exciting time for them that includes learning new things and meeting new friends. This is a good time to have a back to school childrens party celebration.


Send out invitations at least two weeks prior to the party. Invitations should contain the party location, the host, date of the party, start and end time of the party and RSVP deadline with phone number. If you would like parents to stay during the party state this on the invitation.


Decorations add some excitement to the party and it need not be expensive decorations. Decorate the party area with balloons and streamers in red, blue and white or use the child’s school colors. Have large paper cut outs in the shape of a school bus, apples, letters and numbers. Purchase party ware like napkins, plates, cups and tablecloth in a color or theme that suits the party. Decorate the dessert table with balloon bouquets using an uneven number of balloons and arrange them at different heights. If you use helium filled balloons tie a ribbon around each balloon and let them float from the ceiling. Arrange streamers around the doorway and they also look nice hanging from a chandelier as this gives the party a celebratory feel. If having a centerpiece use something that relates to the theme of going back to school.


There are many games that children can play at this party such as 20 questions, bingo, back to school word search, Simon says, pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs. Children also like arts and crafts so set up a craft table for painting, collage and clay sculpting. They might also like to decorate pencil boxes and book markers to show their artistry.


For this party serve peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, string cheese, baby carrots or celery, grapes or strawberries, pudding or applesauce cups, chocolate chips cookies and juice boxes. Pack the lunches in brown lunch bags and put the child’s name on a bag. You might also consider serving school bus cupcakes or some form of dessert that relates to school. When the party has ended send each child home with a favor bag filled with pencils, crayons, note pads, stencils and erasers. This should be a fun filled party which ends the summer on a happy note. Visit our website for more information about planning a theme party for your back to school child.

School Bus Folded Notecard

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