Childrens Party Themes: Bring Elmo to Life!

If you’re a parent who always throws a great party for your kid(s), and this year you’re a little tapped for ideas, I know how you feel. I've become frazzled and stressed because I wanted my child to have a memorable birthday, but I couldn't quite figure out how to keep a bunch of rambunctious kindergartners busy for a few hours. Childrens party themes can be difficult but here is some first hand advise.

Hire Your Child's favorite Character

My advice would be to hire a children’s character, or rent a costume and dress up as your child’s favorite character, and hard work is done! This can relieve your stress, allowing you peace of mind for your child's birthday party because the entertainment is safe, fun, and catered specifically for your child. You can be sure that the kids are entertained for at least an hour; giving you time to prepare refreshments, the cake, other activities, or even allowing you to take a well deserved break. One of the best themes to use would be that of a beloved character from the hit educational TV series: Sesame Street.


The lovable, three and a half year old red monster, is a laughable furry creature that all toddlers are able to identify with. My son loved Elmo until he was 6 years old; he had every Elmo toy, every Elmo DVD, and every Elmo themed learning device. Needless to say, by the time I was preparing for his 5th birthday, I was a little pressed for a new way to throw an Elmo birthday party. About a month before the party, I got the best idea ever! I decided to have Elmo come and perform! When I told my son, his reaction was "ELMO? At my party?!?!" He was excited beyond words, jumping around and bragging to everyone who would listen (more like everyone who could hear), "My mama is getting Elmo to come to my party!" By the time the day came for the party, he was up and out of bed as if it was Christmas morning. Elmo put on a great show, and my son still remembers that birthday to this day, (he's now the ripe old age of 8). He felt as if a celebrity had jumped out of the television just to give him a show because it was his special day. So, if you’re needing any ideas for Children’s party themes, Elmo is a great idea. Have “Elmo” come to your child’s birthday party, and watch the smiles break out on their faces as the lovable character puts on a special show just for them! You’ll definitely be the hero, and the greatest parent in the world in their eyes for years to come. Click here are some great invitations from Amy Adele to get your party started! Circus
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