Childrens Party Themes Celebrating Labor Day

Labor Day is usually considered the end of summer and it is a great opportunity to create a childrens party themes gathering celebrating Labor Day which could also include parents. The party could take place in a backyard or at a local park whichever provides the most space for this party.


Invitations should be mailed two weeks before the party date. The invitation should include the party celebration, name of the host, address for the party, date and time of the party (with rain date and time) and RSVP deadline with phone number and email address. If you would like the parents to participate in the party this should also be included on the invitations.


Decorate with red, white and blue balloons by tying the balloons to picnic tables and at the end of the party the children can take the balloons home. Party ware, consisting of plates, napkins, cups and tablecloth, should be in the theme of the party. You could also have a colorful banner welcoming everyone to the Labor Day celebration.


Have the children parade around the block. Ask the guests to bring wagons, bikes, scooters, drums and tambourines. Provide the children with construction paper, streamers, balloons and small flags for decorating the floats for their parade. Set up a play area with yo-yos, hoola hoops, jump ropes, Frisbees and have relay races. Have a separate area for the children to draw, paint, work on puzzles and possible work on a mural.


Serve the children hamburgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, potato salad, potato chips and root beer floats. Some fun finger food to serve might include; carrot sticks, celery, cheese, strawberries, grapes and bananas. Have the guest make their own strawberry shortcakes or ice cream sundaes. You may also want to have some cookies and possibly a cake to celebrate the holiday.

Party Favors

At the end of the party give the children favor bags filled with chalk, rubber balls, paddle balls, bubbles, noise makers, ball & Jack sets, marbles, and silly putty. This is such a good way to celebrate the end of summer with family and friends. The children will have a great time and the adults will be happy to participate in this form of entertainment. Visit our website for information in planning your children’s Labor Day celebration. We will happy to assist you anytime. Fireworks
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