Christmas Decor: Benefits of LED Christmas Lights

Each December families all across America decorate their homes with beautiful, colorful, decorative lights for the Christmas season. Traditionally, large incandescent light bulbs were used for this purpose. However, in recent years LED Christmas lights have grown in popularity, and they are being used more commonly each year. If you have not yet switched out your traditional incandescent Christmas lights for new LED lights, you may be wondering what benefits can be gained by using LED Christmas Lights. These Christmas light decorating tips will help you to see why you should switch from incandescent Christmas lights to LED Christmas lights. Cost and Efficiency Cost is perhaps one of the most motivating factors that lead people to switch to LED Christmas lights. While LED Christmas lights will cost you roughly the same to purchase and replace as incandescent lights, their operating costs are significantly lower. The cost of running LED Christmas lights is about 90 percent lower than their incandescent counterparts. This equates to substantial savings over the course of one Christmas season. So while it may seem like it will be expensive to replace all of your incandescent Christmas lights with LED’s, you will make back that money quickly in energy savings. LED Christmas lights will also save you money in that you won’t have to replace them as often. LED Christmas lights last three to four times longer than incandescent Christmas lights, which means that you will not have to worry about strands burning out for a few years. Easier Storage Another fact that makes LED lights more cost effective than incandescent lights is that they store better. Incandescent Christmas lights are very fragile, and for this reason they often break while they are in storage causing them to need to be replaced. LED lights are much more durable and are able to withstand a fair amount of abuse without breaking; this helps to keep replacement costs down. Safety Many people know that incandescent Christmas lights can be dangerous since they give off most of their energy in the form of heat. However, many people do not know just how big of a problem incandescent lights are during the Christmas season. Due to how hot they can get, incandescent Christmas lights start many fires each Christmas season. LED lights on the other hand do not heat up, which makes them the much safer option for you families Christmas lighting. As you can see, many benefits can be gained by switching to LED Christmas lights, the most important benefit being improved safety for you and your family. This next Christmas season, help to ensure your families safety by switching to LED Christmas lights.
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