Classic games to play with guests that engage and entertain

Most of us have our list of favorite games or activities to play with guests, but if you want to add a twist to the evening try some more classic games. You can often find these games online or at thrift stores. Here are three lesser-known classics -- and one well-known one -- your guests are sure to enjoy.

Rook The game of Rook was introduced in the early 1900s by Parker Brothers as an alternative to regular playing cards. Because the deck uses numbers instead of ‘face’ cards the game is usually easier for younger children to learn. The most common version of the game is similar to euchre.

Pit This is another game introduced in the early 1900s by Parker Brothers. It is a fast-paced game for three to eight players and is designed to mimic bidding for the commodities of Barley, Corn, Flax, Hay, Oats, Rye and Wheat. The game is simple -- your goal is to ‘corner’ the market on a commodity – which is nine cards of the same suit. When that happens the round ends, cards are reshuffled and players start the process again playing for a ‘corner’. First player to 500 wins.

Dutch Blitz Although not a well-known card game, Dutch Blitz could easily be the most fun, fast-paced family card game on the market. Extremely simple to learn, the game was invented by German immigrant and optometrist Werner Ernst George Muller who believed the game might help children learn colors and numbers. To play the game, you stack up cards in the center of the table from 1 to 10 by color – all in an effort to get rid of your Blitz pile (10 cards you begin the round with). When the Blitz pile is gone – you yell "Blitz". First one to 75 wins.

Spoons Want a way to bring energy and excitement to a family event -- play spoons. It's a great way to bring grandparents and grandchildren together because the game is so simple to learn even young children can play. Be careful, though, if you choose this game -- you may surprised at how competitive grandparents can be.

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