Corban and his two fingers...

Corban looking out the window.

Ok… so I don’t know why but my boy loves to look out windows. These shots were taken at his favorite spot, my office window. His physical therapist was loving it too because he’d practice getting up on his knees there. And then there’s the fingers… Oh how he loves those two fingers! He was quite addicted to them. My parents had to pay thousands of dollars and I had to endure 3 years of braces because I loved my fingers, too… so I’d rather nip it sooner than later. We’ve tried putting lime juice, lemon juice and even vinegar (yuck!) on those fingers and he didn’t flinch… not even a wiggle! But just saying plain old “no” and pulling them out of his mouth stopped the routine. We’re still amazed that was all he needed. Corban and his two fingers

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