Corban's Homecoming Contest


We have great news—Amy’s baby, Corban, will be coming home very soon! He has progressed so well that doctors say that he will be discharged any day now.

We are so thrilled and thankful for Corban’s homecoming that we are channeling our excitement into a fun, new contest: GUESS THE DAY OF CORBAN’S HOMECOMING. Up for grabs for you winners is a coupon code for 50% off on your next order at None of us at Amy Adele even knows when to expect him!

Here’s how it will work: Today through Sunday evening, post a comment to this blog entry with your guess for Corban’s homecoming date. There is a Comments link to left of this post, if you're reading it on the main blog page, or a Leave a Comment field at the bottom, if your on the page for this particular post.

One guess per visitor, please. Multiple guesses will disqualify your entry into the contest. Once it is determined when Corban will come home, the winners will be contacted with a special 50% discount code to use on their next order between now and the end of May. Be sure to include a valid e-mail address in the Email field, so we can get back in touch with you with your winning promotion code. How easy is that?

Now, this contest IS pretty much a guessing game, but the customer service side of me likes to be as helpful as possible. Here are a couple of “clues” for you to consider while making your guess: Corban is a day shy of being 4 weeks old and now weighs 3 ½ pounds.

After making your guess, be sure to take advantage of free shipping this weekend, using the promotion code EarthDay09. Remember, only one promotion code per order. :-) Hurry though! Free Shipping ends on Sunday evening too. Okay, ready… set…. GO!

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