Trucks, Basketball and more!


I thought it would be a good time to give an update on my son, Corban! He is 5 1/2 years old now and bursting with tons of never-ending, happy energy. He started a new school this year and is loving his teachers and new friends there. As many of you know, he was born prematurely weighing in at 2 lbs. Since then, he has looked and developed at about 1 1/2 years behind his peers, but is otherwise healthy and happy! We have held him back one year in school and he seems to be fitting in nicely with his K4 classmates, on most days. :) He receives speech and language therapy twice a week and is just about to pick up occupational therapy in our ongoing effort to help him catch up. Corban still loves anything with wheels… cars, motorcycles, dirt bikes, trucks, etc.




He can ride a bike without the help of training wheels like a pro all over the driveway! He can also spend quiet moments in his own little world just driving his toy cars all over the furniture and floors. He loves to sit with my husband watching “Daddy shows” which are usually all about cars or motorcycle races. He is outgoing and friendly and is usually upbeat and happy! He loves basketball and insists on playing basketball with a full height hoop. I just make sure he has his bike helmet on because he’ll just throw the ball as high as he possibly can, which is never close to the hoop, and it often falls right on top of him! He is one determined little guy!


Corban is my little afternoon buddy. He keeps every visit to the grocery store exciting and every car ride, to pick up the girls from their many activities, full of sweet songs and conversations. He’s my little back seat driver... he knows his way around town better than his sisters! For example, if I tell him we are going to the park and then if I take a different route than usual, he will immediately ask why we aren’t going to the park. Or if we pass a road that leads to a place we visited weeks ago, he’ll remember that place when we simply just pass that road again! He still delights in the little things that are new to him and I’m so excited about enjoying the fall and holiday seasons that are upon us through his eyes!

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