Decoration Ideas for Halloween: Simple and Easy

Halloween Decorations

It's that time of year again! Spooky ghosts, creepy pumpkins, and sneaky rats! Halloween is the time for fun, costumes, and decorations. Whether you love to decorate indoors or outdoors, there are tons of great Halloween decorations you can create that are fun for the kids, and can be cost efficient. Get into the spirit of Halloween with these spooky cool Halloween Decoration Ideas.

Spooky Faces

Raid your local dollar store for those round touch lights. They are cheap and run on batteries which is great for saving on electricity. Grab some sharpie markers and let your imagination go wild. You can make each touch light look like giant eyeballs, or make skeleton faces like Jack and the Pumpkin King, or create other monstrous faces.

Climbing Skeletons

These guys are pretty funny when propped around your house. Make these skeletons look like they are trying to climb your house. You can find full plastic skeletons anywhere that is selling Halloween decorations. You can get very creative when placing skeletons and they are easy to work with.

Wicked Tree

Do you have a white Christmas tree? Well break it out twice a year instead of once. Create a creepy cool Halloween tree with black garland and other great dollar store items. The dollar store usually has a lot of small items that can be added to your tree. You can also create your own by printing out silhouettes and hanging them with black string.

Somebody is Watching You

Want to add a creepy effect to your yard, save up some toilet paper rolls. Cut out two holes in different shapes and sizes to create eyes. Then just tape a glow stick to the inside of the rolls. You can place them inside your bushes and watch them look out at you all night.

Cutie Pumpkins

Get some tarra cotta pots, these pots are already orange which makes it simple and fast to create this decoration. These pots usually have a hole at the bottom so flip your pot over, and stick a small twig in the hole to create the stem. Now just use paint or a black sharpie and draw on the faces for your pumpkin.

Kiddie Treats

Get your kids involved with the decorating process. Get some canvas and create cute pictures with your little monsters. Create candy corn with their feet. Paint white on the heel, orange in the middle of the foot, and white at the toes. Press their feet to the canvas and ta-da, candy corn pictures! These are great little gift ideas for grandparents too. You can paint the feet all white for ghosts, or make spiders with their hands.

Hanging Ghosts

Decorating this is simple and cost efficient. You need styrofoam balls, cheesecloth, black craft paint, string and eye screws. Paint black eyes on the styrofoam and then cover with cheesecloth. Add an eye screw to the top so that you can string and hang your ghosts. Decorating can be fun for the whole family. So get your creepy creativity flowing. Happy haunting! This black spider stationery will compliment your decorations perfectly!
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