Don't Have a Pool? Throw a Pool Party Anyway!

Don't Have a Pool? Throw a Pool Party Anyway!

It's swimming pool season, and you can still have a great pool party even if you don't have a pool. Here are our two favorite pool party ideas:

1. For smaller kids, you don't need a large pool anyway. Our own Amy Adele production manager, Whitney, just threw a pool party for daughter Clara who turned 4. Whitney bought a couple of small wading pools for $8 each. The guests could jump from pool to pool and still make quite a big splash. An hour before the party, Dad David and Grandpa Tom assembled an easy, run-thru sprinkler out of PVC pipe. Whitney added a slip-n-slide, another sprinkler, some $1 water shooters, a slide, a bubble machine, some tunes and the garden hose. She even used an idea from our blog post last summer for the cake. It was an inexpensive party, and everyone had tons of fun. 

2. For bigger kids, host a slumber party at a local hotel with a pool. This is a great option for any time of year -- just choose a hotel with an indoor pool during the cold months. Limited sleeping quarters is a great excuse to trim the guest list down to just the closest friends, or get adjoining rooms or a suite for a bigger party. Arrive at the hotel early on the day of the party and decorate the room(s) just as you would for any birthday party -- balloons, streamers, the whole works. Put goody bags on the beds and stock the room with lots of snacks. Bring along some board games for after the pool closes and you find yourself with a roomful of excited kids. Here are some of Amy's Pool Party designs. Have a great summer everyone!

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