Emily's lemonade stand at Amy Adele

emily lemonade stand


Yes, I know I talk on and on about my baby boy but I do adore my girls just as much! Emily is 11 and going into 6th grade. Grace is 7 and going into 2nd grade. At the beginning of the summer I asked them to make a list of things they wanted to do this summer. They put things such as going to the zoo, water park, and sleep-overs. I'm proud to say we got most of the items checked off! But one of the last things on Emily's list was to do a lemonade stand.

I did a few of those as a kid but my girls had never done one... so this was the year! We live on a pretty quiet street and we knew it would be a dud if we did it at home. So we decided to do it at the Amy Adele office. Emily made all the signs and the lemonade, I gathered all the supplies, Daddy posted our signs along the road, and Grace ran around helping everyone and keeping Corban happy. We packed up the car on Monday morning, (it looked like we were going away for a week, because we had so much stuff), got some balloons and headed to the AA office. We set up just in time for the business traffic at the lunch hour. We weren't sure if anyone would really stop (no matter how cute we or our signs were) but after a few minutes we had a few thirsty customers! It was very exciting! Not everyone stopped of course, but we got a lot of friendly smiles and waves. We were out there for about 2 hours and boy was it a hot one... 99 degrees! Corban couldn't get enough lemonade... hot cor Thankfully we had a giant shade tree to sit under, whew! In the end, my girls made $21! Not bad, I say! It's going in the family pot for a family fun day... yet to be determined. Here's a pic of my lemonade stand a long, long time ago. I'm pictured on the right with my good friend, Jenny. amy stand
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