Encouraging Creative Mother's Day Gifts

Sometimes it’s difficult for children not to take mothers for granted. Mothers are usually a daily part of their lives, always present, encouraging and supporting, disciplining and teaching…children cannot imagine life without mom. So how can you encourage children to be thankful for someone they take for granted? Here are some creative ideas for Mother's Day gifts, and other ways to honor mother on her special day.
  • What better way to celebrate mom than to throw her a party? Not a birthday party—which moms usually want to be adult oriented, anyway. This is a “thanks for being our mom” party. To make it more fun, maybe have your children each choose a best friend to join the party—bringing his or her mom, of course—so that there are more moms and kids to celebrate together. Your children can use our colorful invitations to invite their mom to this special party, and bake a cake or cupcakes—or whip up other special treats—to make mom feel special.
  • Another personal Mother’s Day gift would be an outing to do something mom wants to do. Moms usually choose outings based on what her children can handle; here’s a chance for her to get the trip she wants—to a park, a museum, or something else that she will enjoy. If her children are a bit older, this is also a chance for them to recognize that they, too, can sacrifice their desires in order for mom to have a great time.
  • Your children can also create fantastic and meaningful homemade gift cards for mom. These can be for something creative, like a free weeding of her garden (with mom supervising, of course, to make sure only weeds get pulled!) or a promise to do some chore without complaint, resistance or forgetfulness for the next month (such as keeping a clean room or taking out the garbage).
We feel that one of the most important gifts that any child can give his or her mother is, for just one day at least, not to take her for granted. So we suggest that fathers, and other family members, help your children think creatively about how to surprise mom with that Mother’s Day gift that will say “thank you”!
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