Three Fun Games or Activities to Play At Family Get-Togethers

What do you do at family get-togethers? There is usually the initial chaos of cousins re-connecting and running wild. The adults gather over coffee and snacks and catch up on all the family news since the last gathering. A meal normally follows in kitchens crowded with extra tables, chairs, benches, stools and any other piece of furniture that will provide seating. As the day winds down and the kids start to mellow, it's a good time to engage in some games that everyone can enjoy playing. Three fun games or activities to play with family are:

Dictionary-Supplies: slips of paper, pencils, a dictionary One person chooses a word from the dictionary and writes the correct definition on a piece of paper. Then they tell everyone else in the group the word and they all write what they think the definition is on a piece of paper and sign their name. (It's especially fun if a few people make up a silly definition as well.) The papers are then collected and given to the person who chose the word. As the definitions are read one at a time, those that think it is the correct definition raise their hands. Whoever raises their hand for the correct definition gets a point. If people raise their hand for an incorrect definition, then the author of that definition gets a point. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Pictionary-Supplies: White board or chalk board with corresponding writing utensil Pick a person, place or thing. Draw it on the board without using numbers or letters while individuals shout out what they think you are drawing. The person who guesses correctly gets a point and the chance to draw.

Way Back When-Supplies: slips of paper and pencils This game will spark those crazy family stories and give the younger ones an idea of what it was like to grow up "way back when". It may also help the older generation have a little understanding of what it is like to grow up in today's culture. Have each person write a childhood memory that would have a small clue as to what time period they are talking about. Read them out loud and see if someone in the group can guess who it's talking about. Any of these games can include people of all ages and take very little planning or effort, yet they can provide hours of fun, laughter, learning, and bonding which is a great way to create lasting, fun childhood memories!

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