Family Halloween Party Ideas

When you're throwing a family-friendly Halloween party, you don't want to give your guests the creeps! If you're the host of this year's block party or plan to invite over a few friends, you need some smashing family Halloween party ideas. Steer clear of those bloody, body parts -- look at these ideas for inspiration.


Family Halloween Invitations:

Before you can have a great family Halloween party, you have to invite them! Amy Adele has great family Halloween designs for invitations, thank you notes and any other of your party stationary needs. On this invitation, include the usual facts: date, time, and place. Consider adding a little more detail such as if they should dress up, bring food, or any activities that are going to happen as this family Halloween party. Inform your guests just enough so they get a taste of how great your party is going to be!

Pumpkin decorations:

Decorate your party area with smiling pumpkins instead of leering jack-o-lanterns. Stick on googly eyes and permanent markers are all you need for these laughable decorations. Get creative and decorate your pumpkins to look like various family members. Place a baseball cap on a small pumpkin for a ball player inspired decoration. Make a girl pumpkin by attaching a pink bow to the pumpkin stem. Use markers or watercolors to create a smiling face. You could ask guests to bring their own decorated pumpkin. Award prizes for the most creative!

Halloween activities:

A costume contest is an easy idea that brings tons of excitement to this fall party. Kick this contest up a notch by having a theme like "favorite arcades" or "classic snack foods." Buy quirky prizes to give to the winners. Of course there will be candy favors for everyone who participates.

Hide some booty:

One of the hallmarks of Halloween is trick or treating! Give your guests an alternative to door to door solicitation. A clever scavenger hunt keeps the whole family entertained. Once they solve the clues to the treasure, they can find and share a box of chocolate coins or various candies. When planning a family Halloween party, remember to keep it simple and "unscary" so that everyone will have a time to remember.
Family Halloween Party Invitation
Perfect invitation for a family Halloween party!
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