Forging a Lasting Bond with Grandchildren Activities

Grandparents and grandchildren come in all different shapes, sizes, ages, and energy levels with different interests, hobbies, and personalities. The special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren has the potential to be one of life's most precious. Oftentimes miles separate grandparents and grandchildren, making regular time together difficult. When together, the time is usually packed with fun and exciting activities. Sometimes just the opposite is true, with grandparents living in the same city, neighborhood, or even house as their grandchildren. While this is usually a positive thing in most aspects, it may be harder to think of fun activities to nurture the bond and grow the relationship when it's so routine and familiar. Rest assured, there are many grandchildren activities to keep both young and old happy. It is important to pair personalities, physical capabilities, and interests when thinking about activities. Many activities can be good for a broad spectrum of ages.
  • Gardening is a popular activity at any age. The grandparent can share their knowledge and expertise while allowing the grandchildren to do most of the bending over and digging in dirt. Then both can enjoy and share the fruits of their labor together.
  • Go for walks together. This is an amazing opportunity for grandparents and grandchildren to get to know each other better. Children often love to hear stories of their grandparents and parents childhood. Depending on your location and energy level, this may mean a walk around the block, a stroll through a park, or a hike through the woods. As a bonus, walking is great exercise for everyone!
  • Play games. This can be as active or passive an activity as you desire. For quieter indoor options, consider board games, card games, or puzzles. You can head outdoors for games like croquet, bowling, or miniature golf.
  • Cook, bake, or craft together. Different generations have different ideas and skills. It can be a lot of fun to exchange ideas and teach each other different skills. Often grandparents love to share their knowledge and expertise in various areas. Grandchildren can be fortunate recipients of this if they take the time together. Grandparents may even learn some new crafting and cooking skills themselves. Grandchildren have much to offer as well.
  • Read together. While this is a pleasant pastime for an individual, it can also be a great one for a pair. Sitting and reading aloud can improve reading skills and pass the time.
Of course, this is by no means a comprehensive list. There are so many fun activities for grandparents and grandchildren to do together. Don't limit yourselves. Look into things that make one or both parties feel passionate and excited and explore them together!
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