Friday Amy Update: Back to School

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It’s back to school week! Some of us are a bit more excited than others to see this week arrive but it is here none the less. We’ve been working hard gathering all our supplies, clothes and all the other school gear over the last few weeks. Now we can check everything off the lists! The first to go back to school was Grace, my 6th grader. She goes to a small Christian school and they like to ease their students in so she went to school for a half day on Monday and Tuesday then her first full day of school was on Wednesday. She is excited about taking Band for the first time! She hopes she’ll be able to play the drums, but we’ll see what her teacher says about that. Emily, my sophomore in high school, started with a full day on Tuesday. She is running Cross Country again this year and she had her first cross country meet on the very first day! Her class load is full of honors and AP classes this year. She’s a little nervous about all the work, but I’m confident she’ll do just as great as last year. Corban’s first day of preschool was on Thursday. He will now be going to the same school as Grace. It will be nice to have at least two kids in the same school. Last year they all attended 3 different schools and it was a little complicated! Corban will go to school from 8:15-noon, everyday this year. He’ll be in a K4 class even though he’s 5 years old. We think he’ll fit in perfectly. :) I am excited about getting my routine back. I can’t wait to have the time to get my new fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas designs up on the site. I have a lot of ideas and sketches. Now, I just need to make them come alive!

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