Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!! Throughout the week, some of you may have noticed that our social media had images and links regarding soldiers and this blog post has the same. Sometimes, we can get distracted by the barbecues and fireworks this holiday, but I believe it is important to remember active military personnel who can’t be with their families this weekend.


Now, I know that I am biased. My little brother is active and currently serving overseas. July 1st was his second birthday that he spent in Afghanistan, away from his wife, sisters, brother and parents. We send him care packages as much as we can. Recently, I was bringing his care package to the post office. I filled a box with snacks, knick knacks and necessities to last until we send him another one. That’s when it hit me, what about the other soldiers? Many of them joined the military because they were out of options, couldn’t find work, or have a family to support. I couldn’t imagine living overseas, putting your life at risk and not receiving a single care package over the year that you are stationed there! Homesick doesn't begin to describe what they must be feeling…


I began researching programs that supply care packages and letters to soldiers and found Operation Gratitude. This is their Mission Statement: “Our mission is to lift the spirits and meet the evolving needs of our Active Duty and Veteran communities, and provide volunteer opportunities for all Americans to express their appreciation to members of our Military.” –Operation Gratitude It is so great to see this organization and others like it out there! I was talking to Amy about the work Operation Gratitude does and she thought it would be a great idea to have her kids write letters to send to the troops. "We love to see the flags and to decorate and to hear the music and such. My father served in Vietnam in the Air Force and my grandfather was a colonel in World War II. My husband's grandfather served as a commander of an aircraft carrier and his other grandfather was a pilot in World War II. Despite our rich family history of servicemen I have to admit that we do not think of the sacrifice of those in our family and of those that are serving now as often as we should. We were excited to find out about this organization that helps encourage servicemen and women, because we want to bless them and it's a good reminder for us as well."



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