Friday Amy Update: Summer Activities


I have had the privilege of spending the majority of my summer days with my joyful, excitable, dramatic and completely fantastic daughter, Grace! She is 11 years old and will be in 6th grade in just a few weeks. Her summer days have been filled with a lot of little events and activities to keep each day different than the last. I must admit, it’s been a bit of a challenge but we have managed the waters of her boredom fairly well. My son, Corban, goes to school from 9am-1pm weekdays and it takes 20 minutes to drive to and from. Grace will often accompany me each morning and afternoon and she is a fabulous driving companion. She is extremely helpful as my grocery store helper too… she puts those bag boys to shame! At home, she has kept busy with her new role as our Laundry Girl for the whole family which includes: collecting, washing, drying, and sorting. This is a paid position that has benefited her and us. :)


Grace is very musically talented and has been taking piano since last summer. This requires practicing every day. She’s not an avid reader but has managed to read enough to attain our local library’s summer prize… a free watermark pass! (Her mother is still trying to find a good chunk of time on her calendar to take her.) She takes every chance she gets to take a dip in her grandmother’s neighborhood pool and has loved it so much. I decided to sign her up for an advanced swimming class at our local YMCA 2x a week during the month of July. A local Vacation Bible School and an upcoming week long gymnastic class will also help keep her busy. We haven’t had the funds to take a summer vacation trip for the past few years, so she’s been disappointed about that. I encouraged her to write down some things she was thankful for about this summer and this is what she wrote:

Things that Grace is Thankful for:

  • cool weather
  • pool
  • my birthday
  • my family
  • VBSGrace6
  • tasty dinners
  • waterpark
  • reading
  • ipad
  • solitaire
  • sunny days
  • friends
  • church
  • serving
  • my room
  • ice cream
  • my grandmother
  • piano
  • air conditioning
  • showers
  • laundry
  • water
  • shade
  • electricity


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