Friday Amy Update: Summer Schedules

Friday Amy Update: Summer Schedules

Hello again! This week has been much less hectic than last week and I am grateful! The new summer routine has begun. Everyone in the family has a plan which brings comfort to my heart. My kids are happy and occupied (most of the time) and I love it! Corban started his first day of summer school on Monday. He only goes from 9-1 but it is a big help to me!! He was a little nervous on his first day but has had a super week. Now, he is happy to get up and go each morning! He is five years old but fits nicely in his mixed class of 3 and 4 year olds. Emily caught a ride to the office with her dad because… she is helping ship your packages! She is a super student, very smart, detail oriented and responsible. She is a great fit to the summer team! She loves the extra cash. She’s planning to save for college and pay for her time on the ice skating rink.

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Grace does not have a place to go every day. So, we have worked out a schedule for her to keep her busy. Her days will be filled with creative choices like crafts or creating plays, chores, learning new things, reading, practicing piano, and plenty of chill out time too. She has a summer job too… she’s our laundry girl! She gathers, washes, dries and sorts all the laundry in the house. It’s a win-win for us all.

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I hope to stick to my plans too. I started running again in the mornings before the heat hits, I take Corban to school (which takes over a half hour), and then I fill my mornings with one or more of the following: • Go into the office to check in with the staff • Run errands • Work from home We often eat lunch together as a family and then Corban comes home. We relax at the house, go to the pool or run more errands. I think I go to the grocery store almost every day! Most evenings we are all home together and then our day is done! Of course there are tons of exceptions but at least there’s a plan! :) One wonderful exception this week to our new schedule was on Thursday. The girls and I got to do some summer clothes shopping and then out to lunch!

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