Amy Update: Thankful Kids!

Amy Update: Thankful Kids!

Last week I had a special treat! I visited my son, Corban, at his preschool and talked to his class about the importance of being thankful!





The students in Corban’s class are doing a unit on summer food. So, I brought in our Amy Adele cards with various food items- watermelons, carrots, peaches, apples, hamburgers and hot dogs. We talked about what food we like to eat in the summer and how yummy it all is! Then, we remembered who gave us all the food every day... our Mommies and Daddies!

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The 3 and 4 year olds in this class are not writing yet. So, we added some text on the card for them. We talked to the kids about how we should thank our parents for giving us food. They drew pictures of their favorite foods. It was so cute to watch them draw and explain what they were drawing. I saw pictures of giant blueberries, bananas and even an alien! (Okay, that was a little off topic, but so cute!)

The preschool years are a great time to start encouraging children to express their thankfulness through writing. By encouraging them at such a young age, we hope to instill in them the importance a thank you note and that taking the time to write or draw a picture can go a long way!


We made it fun and quick so they can learn that writing thank you notes doesn't have to be a chore. Getting to work with the kids and see all their drawings was a blast. What a great way to spend my day!


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