Fun Activities For Kids To Do The Week After Christmas

The week after Christmas may present a challenge to a lot of parents. Kids home all day, candy galore and toys everywhere! Not to worry. This simple list will give you plenty of creative ideas and fun activities for kids, not only to keep them busy, but to make them productive as well.

Re-Organize With all the new toys and clothes, it's the perfect time to clean out the closet, reorganize and rearrange the kids' rooms. Have your child count the number of new toys, then ask them to choose that many OLD toys they don't play with anymore. Hopefully they can find even more. Once those are out, there will be plenty of space for the new ones. A simple change around of the bed and dresser can offer a child a new outlook on keeping their room organized. Use plastic storage containers for art supplies or small toys that are easily broken or lost.

Donate to Charity All those old toys can find a new home if they are in good condition. Making a trip to the local charity is a heart-warming activity, and instills values that will last a life time. It's also a great time to move on all those clothes and shoes that just don't fit.

Papier-Mache Don't throw away all that used wrapping paper, instead you can make papier-mache! Make a simple mixture of equal parts water and flour, and a bit of white glue. Tear the old wrapping paper into manageable pieces and you've got a fun art project! You can cover the bottom of a bowl to make a unique candy dish or make a funky mask. Once the papier-mache is dry, paint it and voila! *Another idea for that used wrapping paper -- shred it up for your pet guinea pig, hamster, rabbit or mouse. You can even add it to kitty litter to make it last longer. If you don't have a pet, you can check with your local zoo, wildlife shelter or SPCA. They may be able to use it for enrichment or for lining cages.

Thank You Cards Don't toss out all those Christmas cards pinned up around the banister or mantle. You can cut the front cover off because it's usually blank on the other side. Turn then into postcard thank you notes. Have your child write a note to all those aunts, uncles and grandparents that sent them gifts. Make sure they mention how much they like the gift in the note. This is a sweet personal touch that makes it extra special. Decorate with glitter, stickers or markers to make them even cooler.

New Years Goals Most everyone gets a calendar at Christmas. In fact, we usually get more than one. Have your child make weekly and monthly goals. This is a lot of fun. Think of exercise or art activities they want to do or participate in. Maybe there are schoolrelated goals, chores, social planning or just plain fun. Maybe they want to save up enough money to buy that new game or phone.

Using a calendar is the perfect way to track their savings and how long it's going to take. If you have any comments or other kid friendly projects make sure to contact us so we can share it with our readers.

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