Fun Summer Party Ideas for Kids

Does your child have a birthday in the summer time? There are plenty of fun and innovated summer party ideas for kids that give them memories to last a lifetime. Being outdoors in the summer sunshine is the best way to celebrate a children’s party, so here are a few ideas you could try out that are enjoyable and memorable.

Pool Party Having a pool party is the perfect way to beat that summer heat. You can have the party at a local public pool or if you want it to be extra special, find a private pool. Cater this event yourself by bringing typical kid friendly summer foods such as hotdogs, corndogs, cheeseburgers, and ice cream desserts.

Artistic Party This is a simplistic party that allows children to show off their creative side. Purchase all types of crafts including paper plates, construction paper, beads, but tons, glue, glitter, crayons, markers, etc. You can either designate a theme of what crafts they should make or let them make whatever they wish. Bake your own finger foods or use a catering service to provide healthy snacks like different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Since this party is art inspired, let each party goer design their own cookie or cupcake’s topping.

Tea Party A Victorian style tea party is quite an interesting and charming way to celebrate a child’s birthday. Create old fashioned invites and let parents know that their child must dress in pretty ruffled dress or a tailored suit. Decorate your backyard with ribbons, white arches, and old wood tables and chairs. The type of games kids can play are ring around the rosy, musical chairs, and London bridge. As for the food bring out vanilla cookies, tea cakes, and small sandwiches. A child’s summer party should have plenty of invigorating gam es and other things to do in a safe and relaxing environment. These ideas are simple, affordable, and keep children occupied for the day.

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