Games Or Activities: Prehistoric Painting Children's Party

If you’re looking for games or activities to play with guests, try a prehistoric painting children’s party. Kids will love eating with their hands and making pictures of animals. None of the materials cost much, and kids can do most of the work themselves. There were no paint stores back then so you’ll have to make your own supplies. Have a small strainer on hand to press ingredients and mix them with water to turn them into paint. Use berries for red, and grass or leaves for green. Dirt is all you need to make brown. Save onion skins when you cook the week before and boil them to get yellow. You can create any color you want using crushed chalk. To paint, the kids can dip their fingers in the mixture or improvise brushes with feathers, clumps of grass or flattened twigs. Brush water over sheets of paper and start drawing. If you want sharper images, outline them with charcoal. You can find inspiration for horses, boars and other beasts in books or online with images like the 20,000 year old cave paintings in Lascaux, France. For your own cave, cover a tent in black fabric and hang up your pictures when they’re done. While you’re at it, greet your guests wearing fake fur vests and toy bones in your tousled hair. Everyone can go barefoot. Clear out the furniture and spread foam rocks or gray and brown balloons on the floor around a fake fur rug. Add big animal foot prints cut out of cardboard and lots of plants. Serve chicken drumsticks, bone-shaped cookies and anything guests can eat with their fingers. Play Flintstone’s cartoons or the Alley Oop song. He was a time-traveling cave man in an old comic strip, but kids don’t have to remember him to love singing the “Alley Oop, oop, oop-oop” chorus. Have mammoth size fun with your own cave man party. You and your guests will love going back in time.
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