Gifts for Teachers

What kind of gifts work for teachers? What is the most meaningful for them? Personalization is the key for teacher gifts. A teacher can only eat so many apples. The first step in thinking of a gift for your child's teacher is to talk to your child through out the year. Anytime your child mentions something about the teacher, keep a record of it. Perhaps they went on a vacation over a holiday break, where did they go? What did they do? Who did they go with? Teachers usually mention things like this to their students. We have put a couple of ideas below that may help to spark your creative flair in saying thank you to the teachers of our future. 1. Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer! Your time means more than you can imagine! 2. Take pictures of your child during your visit to the classroom, on class outings or field trips. Compile these in a small picture book and label each picture with the name of the child. These can be saved for years. With the labels, it makes it nice to reminisce when you can remember names. 3. Personalized book markers. Put a quote on one side and your child's picture on the other. Have your child hold a sign that says, "Mrs....... rocks!" for the picture. You have a message within a message. 4. If you bake them food, keep in mind that they will politely accept it, but may not eat it as they may have dietary restrictions or allergies. If you do bake for them, keep it simple and present it in a container that they can keep and reuse; decorated mason jars are great! 5. Get a metal pail/basket/box, fill it full of boxed candy, a few packages of microwave popcorn, a two-liter of soda pop, and an inspirational teacher movie. Use a great thank-you card with a special inspirational memory your child had of them written on the inside. 6. Many teachers spend money from their own pockets for supplies. To that end, a gift card inserted in a personalized thank-you card would be most welcome! 7. Be bold! Ask to access their wish lists from Amazon. You may find a whole host of items there that they really want! 8. Put together a fun "Hello Summer!" package. Wrap a beach towel, best seller novel, and a pair of flip-flops in a ribbon. Give right before the break for summer time. Regardless of what fun, unique and personal gift you decide on, a teacher needs to know that they are appreciated. They work hard to ensure our future as a nation and your child's success in all they do. For more fun ideas and products, visit our website here.
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