Blog-spotlight: Grace

Blog-spotlight: Grace

Grace Elizabeth is my middle child who is always a light in any room she enters! She is frequently described as “effervescent”! She is silly, chatty, and makes everyone laugh.


Grace is 11 years old now and is in a 6th grade Middle School program at her school. She is super jazzed about the brand new music class she is taking this year… Band! She signed up to be a percussionist where she is learning lots of new things while simultaneously contributing to her class with her existing piano expertise. She adores music!



In the afternoons, she keeps busy with her role as the laundry girl of the household, homework, piano practice and I often find her chatting on FaceTime with her sweet little cousins or other friends. She is super helpful and is always the first person to jump to action when she sees a little need she can fill. One of Grace’s favorite things to do is grab a HUGE (at least I think it is) bowl of ice cream and plop herself down in front of the family iPad to watch a movie. She loves to draw (and is very good!), loves to sit in her ENO, loves it when her room is super clean, and all things “fluffy”. She is refusing to grow up and has continued to maintain this idea for some time now... she wants to stay a kid forever! :) I think I can live with that!


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