grandchildren activities to do at home

It may have been a while since you had small ones in your home. But now the grandchildren have arrived and you are in charge of a fun time at grandma's. You could plan an outing, but sometimes doing some grandchildren activities right at home is a cozier, more intimate way to make memories. You could watch a DVD together, but perhaps think about saving that for right before bed, or for when you are all quite worn out from a busy day of satisfying activities. Bake Something Bake chocolate chip cookies, brownies or pie. Anything you want, even an old family recipe. It will taste extra good to the grand kids because they made it themselves. Even the littlest can pour ingredients into a bowl and stir. Make Something Making a craft at Grandma's kitchen table is fun! Go to a craft store for ideas or find things around the house to use to make something creative. Things that they can take home and put in their room are especially nice because every time they see it they will remember the special time with their grandma. Play a Game Another great activity that will engage all ages of grandchildren is to play a game together. Some ideas for outdoor games are hide-and-seek, scavenger hunts or even treasure hunts with clues. You can hide candies along with the clues to make it even more fun and give out small prizes for everyone who participates. Indoors, you might play a simple card game or an old favorite like monopoly. Even very young children like to play games if they are age appropriate. No matter what you decide to do, the fact that you are spending quality time at home with your grandchildren is what's important. Before long, going to grandma's will be just like going to a second home.
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