Great Ways for Kids to Use Calling Cards

We’ve all heard of calling cards. But here, at Amy Adele, we’ve taken them one step further. Instead of just being for adults, we design personalized calling cards for kids and teens!

Our personalized calling cards come in an endless variety of graphics, fonts, colors, and more! Continue reading for some great ways kids can use these handy-dandy, creative cards.

After-school Activities: From soccer to football, gymnastics to dance, personalized calling cards are a great way for kids to exchange contact info with teammates. This simple swapping of cards will leave both kids and parents in better communication involving any upcoming games or recitals.

Classmates: An easy way for kids to make friends and set up future after-school get-together's is by passing out calling cards to classmates. Kids will love being able to pass out their own personalized cards with their very own “logo”.

Emergencies: It's happened to all parents at one time or another. You're at the store and your little one runs off or disappears in the blink of an eye. While they may only be a few steps away, it is a terrifying moment for parents, and in some cases, even kids. A great way to eliminate stresses like these is to have your child carry a personalized calling card around with them. If your child ever finds themselves lost, they can hand their card to a policeman or store clerk, who in turn, can call you to inform you of their whereabouts.

Future Professional: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You were probably asked this question hundreds of times while growing up. Personalized calling cards are a fun way to get kids dreaming about the future. For the days your child wants to be a fireman, and the times they'd rather be a teacher, or even a mermaid, order a collection of different cards for imaginative play.

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