Have a "My Favorite Things" Party

I first discovered "My Favorite Things" parties when one of our beloved customers wrote to us and asked for some Amy Adele cards because she was taking us to a party as her favorite thing. We, of course, LOVED it!

I am attending a party next week called, "My Favorite Things." We are to bring recipes, websites, items to share that we have found to be a favorite. Your website is one of those favorite things I discovered last year! Could you possibly send me 20 business cards with your website? Something I could pass along to my friends? If not, I will just give them your web address, but thought it might be fun to give them something made by you!

The idea behind a "My Favorite Things" party is pretty simple. Gather a group of 5-10 friends. Start with the food: ask half to bring entrees and the other half to bring desserts -- and of course, everyone brings their favorite things. Also ask them to bring the recipes with their dishes so everyone can leave with a copy.

Some "My Favorite Things" parties double as gift exchanges (great idea for Christmas parties). Set a price limit - say $5 to $10 -- and each guest gives her "favorite thing" to each of the other guests. If there are 6 other guests, you'll leave the party with 6 gifts. Make sure to remind your guests to bring a tote to haul all those gifts back home.

What are your favorite things? Here are some of ours: 1. Favorite new website: Pinterest.com 2. Favorite food: Chocolate! 3. Favorite book: The Help 4. Favorite TV show: Modern Family

And here are some of our customers' favorite Amy Adele things -- some of our top bestsellers:

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