Home-school Groups and Private Schools Use Personalized T-shirts for Kids

Home school communities and private school groups often do not have access to personalized t-shirts for kids that will offer fun, creative options that will fit a small-group budget. Smaller group sizes typically means smaller orders, and many printers will either charge a large set up fee or simply will not work them at all. Does this sound all too familiar? Would you like to be treated with the same level of customer service as the large group orders? Then work with a business that specializes in t-shirts and themed items better suited to your groups’ needs! What to look for in a business that will work well with your home school community or private school:
  1. Small orders accepted- Be careful of companies who set order minimums! Instead, look for a company that will create personalized t-shirts for kids without charging a set-up fee (this adds to the overall cost) or establishing a minimum order.
  2. Personalization allowed- Many large companies will require that the entire order be one style of shirt, or may establish a minimum order per style. Look instead for one that will print your personalized t-shirts for kids in the quantity and style you want, rather than conforming to what they want.
  3. Packaged themes- Seek out a company that can create an entire theme of accessories to coordinate with your event. Having a farm day ? Or a luau? Working with a company that can carry the theme with personalized t-shirts for kids, stickers, invitations, and other items that will bring it all together for a professional look within your budget!
The goal is to get a great product at a fair price and know that you have options that will work for your group. Need more ideas? Check out the fun, affordable items at Amy Adele!
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