How to Encourage Thankfulness by Creating Positive Messages in a Bottle

Imagine receiving a jar chocked full of little notes sharing and emphasizing your strengths. Envision opening a note a day; the notes instantly promote a feeling of gratitude. If you have been wondering how to encourage thankfulness in your children and family creating a message in a bottle is a perfect way to teach them gratitude. They will be excited to open the tiny scraps of paper. Reading your notes will leave them feeling positive and special. It will give them permission to focus on their strengths, and to realize that they are special. Filling them with positivity, and prompting them to be kind to someone else. Why not create a positive message in a bottle for your beloved family members. In day-to-day life we sometimes forget to point out the good things. We walk around the house picking up laundry, doing chores and we find ourselves yelling across the house at our children. "Susie. You left your clothes in the bathroom again," or "Garrett. You spilled juice on the floor!" If it was your husband who left the mess, you may groan internally and let your frustrations slip out inappropriately later. Think over your conversations the past few days. How many of them were similar to the ones mentioned above? Did you know that there is a magic ratio? It is suggested that each time we offer a negative criticism it should be coupled with 5 positive interactions. Let's make a change, and put some sweet little notes in a jar. The concept is simple. To get started call a family meeting. Before the meeting, purchase stationary that folds and fits into the jar easily. To give your family inspiration and to get the activity started write a short note for each person in your family. After reading your note, your family members may be instantly inspired to write kind notes of their own. Place your jar in a place within everyone's reach. If you are not keen on using an expensive jar you have at home, inexpensive decorative containers can be purchased at a dollar store. For a greater impact purchase a jar for each family member. Creating this keepsake will inspire your family to be more thankful for what they possess; however, you may further your children's lesson in gratitude by purchasing our thank you noted for children.
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