How To Help Children Write Thank You Notes To Grandparents

Getting the hang of how to help children write thank you notes to grandparents will turn a chore into a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Get your kids off to a good start with being grateful for the gifts they receive, and brighten a grandparent’s day.

Act promptly. Grandparents usually dote on their grandchildren. They’re eager to know whether the new sweater or toy was a big hit. Don’t keep them waiting. Work with your kids to get thank you letters out within one or two days.

Be specific. Encourage kids to describe why they love the gift and how it’s being used. Maybe your daughter and her friends put that LEGO Hogwarts Castle together within hours. She can describe how they staged a re-enactment of Fred and George flying off on their broomsticks to escape the villainy of Dolores Umbridge.

Minimize the editing. Kids do the darnedest things. Let your toddler talk about how much he loves bowling with his new wooden alphabet blocks instead of insisting that he build a tower. Grandpa will probably find that more entertaining anyway.

Get down to the actual writing: If your kids can’t write yet, they can tell you what they want to say, and you can jot it down. Let them draw a picture or add on a sticker to pitch in. As they get older, you can write out the more difficult parts and leave blanks for them to fill in the words they learn first like their names or familiar objects.

Focus on the presentation: If grandparents live nearby, deliver the notes in person. For greater distances, try reading your notes over a video conference call before you put them in the mail. The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is something to be thankful for. Help your kids put their appreciation into words.

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