International Peace Day

International Peace Day is one that is not commonly recognized. Mostly becauase a lot of people do not hear about it, but this is a day that should be recognized. Without peace our world would not function. We all need to fight for peace, not just toady but every day. Here is some history behind International Peace Day and why it was started.

What is International Peace Day

It was created and first celebrated in 1982 by the United Nations. It was designed devote time to recognized the efforts of the United Nations as well as all of mankind that have been promoting the ideals of peace and no war. This Saturday (September 21, 2013) is a day to specifically think of way to be peaceful.

How to Celebrate Peace Day

This is a day to show peace to others. Showing peace can be done in almost countless ways. It could be as simple as:
  • Writing a note to somebody
  • Helping a charity
  • Donating clothes
  • Serving in a soup kitchen
  • Just sitting and talking with someone
  • Either by yourself or with a group of people such as your co-workers or family and friends
  • Attend a concert or watch a parade
  • Do something today that shows peace

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