It's Snowing!

Ok, it's not really. We're having a very warm winter in South Carolina, and not a flake in sight. But that just means we've got more time to PLAN for the snow, right? So let's plan a Snowman party so when the blizzards begin, we'll be all set.

Amy's Snowman Invitations:


Snowman Decorations:

These simple but adorable chair covers are easy to make using felt and glue.

Instructions can be found here.

Snowman Pizza:

It's not pretty, but the kids will love it! Click here for details.

Snowman Cookies:

Snowman Coconut Cookies - Click here for the recipe.

Who wouldn't love these Melted Snowman Cookies?? Click here for the recipe.

Snowman Shooters:

These cute Snowman Shots are made of vanilla ice cream and melted hot fudge.

Click here for the details.

Snow Ice Cream:

Make your own Snow Ice Cream using fresh snow, milk and vanilla flavoring. Details are here.

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