It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week and I thought I'd write a bit about my favorite teachers! I've had some great ones between elementary school, middle school, high school and college, but I have two favorites that come to mind. My favorite teacher in elementary school was Mrs. Newell, my 3rd grade teacher. I loved how we started every day with a silly song and then we'd continue to sing throughout the day, too. How great is that?! One song that still stands out to me was a song all about a donut... maybe that's why I love donuts so much now! She read us books like "The Secret Garden" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". We'd sit at her feet and listen to one chapter a day and I could hardly wait for the next day to come. She was smart too—when she read to us, she asked us to rub her feet and legs. Each one of us anxiously awaited our turn. She had us all tricked! Ha! But we loved her and her stories; what else could we do? I looked forward to school each day that I had Mrs. Newell as a teacher! My other favorite teacher was in college. His name was Dr. Reese and I have never met anyone who loved Jesus more than he. Not only did he teach me about Jesus' love, he really showed Jesus' love in everything that he did. He was a quiet and gentle man who always had a truly genuine smile on his face. He taught me things I never understood before about Jesus and it was a complete pleasure to sit in his classes. My husband, Joey, and I were married during college and we had a car with a wrecked fender. He spent hours with Joey one afternoon helping to replace it. Then one hot Georgia day, in the dead of summer, I was mowing the grass in front of a lecture building. (I was working with the grounds crew to help pay the bills that summer.) That lawnmower was the pits—it kept dying on me and then wouldn’t start! I was hot and miserable. Then out walked Dr. Reese, who was in the middle of his work day. He stopped, took off his jacket, and started yanking on that starter to get it to turn on. He tried and tried for what seemed like ages, but it never did start. That mower was just terrible. I was so impressed how he stopped everything he was doing, yanked on that crummy old mower and got all sweaty (with no success), all for little me. Thank you Mrs. Newell and Dr. Reese for loving and teaching me!
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