Kid Friendly Organization Tips

Now that January has arrived, you might find that this time of year is a great time to reorganize. Now that the kids are back at school, and schedules and papers are arriving home almost daily, things can get messy quickly. Here are some ideas to refresh your home and leave you feeling like you can conquer the rest of the year!
  • Entryways always seem like our dumping ground at the end of a long day. This time of year they are filled with everything from backpacks and snow boots to junk mail. A simple way to remedy the mess, is to give each family member a basket. I mean a BIG basket. Each kid, and adult, puts their boots, bag and lunchbox in their basket. Coats go on a hook above the basket. Anything not being used the next day gets put away in the closet on a shoe rack or hung up. This minimizes your clutter, and you feel less overwhelmed when you walk in the door. The entryway is a great place to hang your family calendar and weekly menu as well. Having a trash can or recycle bin near the door allows you to dump that junk mail right when you walk in. This is also helpful for quickly cleaning out those backpacks before they get repacked! Using our bag tags can help avoid those backpack mix ups in the classroom!
  • What else gets neglected? The playroom. This is another place where baskets or bins are great! Inexpensive fabric bins will be your new best friend. Lining a bookshelf with bins will give your children a place to put their things when they are done. Encouraging them to use the bins can keep toys off the floor. Taking toys or games out of their original packaging and storing them in the bins can be helpful for little hands, and it looks nicer too.
  • Paperwork is something that is constantly coming home from school. From activity schedules to weekly bulletins, sometimes our kid's folders are a crumpled mess by the end of the week. The easiest way to remedy this, is to check the folder every night. When you receive a paper from school, go over it with your kids and then write it on the family calendar. Throw the papers into the recycle bin right away! Make writing the events on the calendar your children's task as you read from the school notices. This is a great way to involve the kids in being responsible. Writing it on the calendar themselves not only helps them to remember the event, it is also great spelling practice. When you are writing down school events, remember to invite grandparents and friends using our calling cards for kids. These fun cards help your kids to take a role in communicating with others. Your friends and family will love hanging them on their refrigerator, and you won't forget to remind everyone about that soccer game!
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