Kids' Party Ideas for Halloween

So, you are in charge of the school Halloween party this year? Or, maybe your kid wanted a special Halloween party with all his or her friends? Or, maybe you just volunteered to head-up your church Halloween party? Whatever the case, as you think about the details for the party, you can take a look through these great kids party ideas for Halloween:

Cake Walk You remember playing musical chairs as a kid? Remember how it was when you were the last kid with a seat and then nothing happened? Well, why not take that idea and actually make it fun. Put chairs with numbers taped to the backs in a circle, or tape some paper plates with numbers on them in a circle on the floor. Play music and have the kids walk around the chairs, or over the plates. When the music stops pull a number from a bowl (pre write and cut the numbers out and place them in a bowl). The child standing or siting on that number gets a cupcake. You can play for as long as you like, but once a child gets a cupcake have him or her sit out for a while so other kids get a chance.

Photo-Booth If you, or a friend, are talented with a camera at-all, or you even have a simple digital camera. Set up a photo-booth with fun masks, hats, etc. The kids can come up with their own picture poses and ideas.

Fishing for Candy This is a really fun and simple game. Rig an old fishing pole or two with a plastic hook, or Velcro, then make your own fish tank (a sheet or big piece of poster painted like a pond or ocean). Find a way to stand the sheet or poster up and have treats and prizes (and a prize giver) on one side of the sheet, and the fishers (kids) on the other. The kids send their lines over and pull them back with a prize/treat.

Halloween Bowling Do you have some spare empty cans lounging around the house? If not, collect a few then take the paper off. Add green, orange, and white paper to the cans and draw faces of different Halloween monsters like Frankenstein, Ghosts, and Jack O’ Lanterns. The cans can be stacked and used as bowling pins. Now for the ball, take a tennis ball, or any other medium-sized ball you have around the house and use it as your bowling ball.

Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss Take one large, one medium, and one small pumpkin and cut a hole in the tops, then hollow them out. Now, make some simple bean bags for throwing (you can make them in the shape of a pumpkin). Let the kids try to throw the bean bags into the pumpkins. Give different prizes for each pumpkin.

Costume Competition This can get a little interesting, because every kid thinks his or her costume is the best, and you might be a little biased toward your own children. Try to have someone else judge, or help judge, and instead of giving away first, second, and third prizes why not make prizes for the prettiest costume, the most scary, most interesting, most creative, etc.?

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