Kids Party Ideas: Host a Movie Night

One of our favorite kids party ideas is a movie party. This party can easily be done at home by selecting the favorite movie of the guest of honor and including some of these fun details at your home.

Consider Renting a Projector One of the best parts of a movie theater is the big screen. Rent a projector and have the movie play on a large screen in the backyard, or even on your garage door. If hosting the party outdoors, lay out plenty of blankets and pillows for guests to lounge and relax when taking in the movie.

Red Carpet Entrance Roll out a red rug for guests to walk in on. As they arrive, they get celebrity treatment at a velvet rope and pictures with the birthday kid. Create a walk of stars leading up to the front door to give the party a Hollywood feel.

Now Showing Let guests know what movie (or movies) they can expect to watch by displaying the lineup on a chalkboard. You an include the names of the actors and actresses in the movie and the showing time as well.

Concession Stand Have a popcorn bar with paper popcorn boxes for all the guests. The bar can include different flavors of popcorn, candies to mix in, and toppings to add to it. You can rent a popcorn popper for an added feel of going to the movie theater. Fun candies include Junior Mints, Kit Kats, and Sour Patch Kids. Glass Coca-Cola bottles with striped straws add to the classic movie feel of the evening.

Invite Your Guests Don't forget to invite your guests to your party by getting personalized invitations! Everyone will be so excited for the celebrity treatment at your movie party.

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