Kids Party Ideas: How to plan a super cool Super Hero Party

Who doesn’t want to be a super hero? The idea of donning a cape and saving the world is a fascinating bit of fantasy. When it comes to kids party ideas, it also makes a great theme.

Here are some tips to help you get started: Many popular super heroes seem to prefer primary colors. This makes choosing a color scheme and matching various party supplies simpler. Start with basic colors like red, blue, and yellow, but feel free to add more if desired. Capes are an important part of this theme, so making capes is a great idea for an activity. One very simple method is to use inexpensive T-shirts in assorted colors. All you have to do is help children remove the front of the shirt and the sleeves. Help them cut around the neckline but leave it attached. *Cut through the front of the collar and add Velcro for securing. Let the children decorate their capes. *This is also a good safety measure. If the neck piece of the cape should get stuck on something, the Velcro will pull apart, thus helping avoid injury.

Hanging a super hero birthday banner in the doorway is a fun way to greet guests. Add some balloons and you're done. Another option is to use a banner over the cake table. Then, give the kids crayons and paper to make their own super hero place-mats to match. A really fun idea is to create a photo booth of sorts. This one works best on a large bed. Use a light blue sheet or piece of fabric to cover the bed. Draw building silhouettes on poster board. Cut them out and place along one side of the bed. Add trees, flowers, etc. if desired. On the other side of the bed, add clouds made from fiber fill or fabric, or you can cut these from poster board as well. Add a sun and birds if you like. Have each child don his or her cape and lie on the bed with arms out in front. They will look like they’re flying through the sky when you snap the picture. These photos will be fun and make great mementos for each child.

The best part of coming up with creative kids party ideas is the knowledge that it leads to making great memories. Contact us for more great ideas, or to share your own.

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