Lower Prices & More Affordable Quantities!

Lower Prices & Smaller Quantities. Not a sale - EVERYDAY!

Lower Prices & Smaller Quantities. Not a sale - EVERYDAY!

Amy Adele is happy to announce two updates on our site: Lower Prices and Smaller Quantities. Not part of a sale or short-term promotional offer, these will be available to you on an ongoing basis!

Our everyday, regular prices have been reduced for Invitations & Announcements, Labels & Stickers, T-Shirts & Baby one-piece outfits, and Calling Cards. For example, when you order 25 Invitations, you're no longer looking at $49.95; you'll get them for only $29.95. Instead of $19 for 60 Labels, how about $13.95? And when you want a new personalized T-shirt for your son or daughter, it'll be $14.95, not $19.95. Here's another added benefit. Since these are new regular prices, when you find something you want and it happens to be On Sale or you have a promotion code, your discount will be even more valuable, as it will be taken off these already lower regular prices. However, we know that price is only part of the buying decision you have to make as you peruse Amy's cute designs. Are you the kind of person that would rather have a smaller amount of 3 or 4 different stationery designs? When you have a birthday party for your kids or a soirée with your friends, do you prefer a smaller, more intimate guest list? If so, then our new smaller quantities are just for you! Stationery (flat & folded card), Invitations & Announcements, and Calling Cards no longer come in just lots of 12, 25, or 50. Now you can order them in the smaller quantities of 10, 15, 25, and 35. And if you're having a huge crowd over for your next shindig or your family and friends are blessed by your daily letter-writing habits, then our volume-discounted quantities of 50 to 500 cards are still there for you as well! Don't forget that when you spend $50 or more, you get FREE Priority Mail Shipping too (everyday).
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