Making a Thank You Sandwich

The cake is half eaten. Empty cups and plates are littered around the dining room. A small mountain of birthday gifts are piled on the couch, and your child is bouncing off the walls from all of the sugary treats she just consumed. Feeling a little overwhelmed? While we can't help you wash dishes or vacuum the living room (wouldn't that be so wonderful?!), we can give you a super easy way of teaching your child to write a thank you note. We call it making a thank you sandwich. First, you start with the top bun- thank them for coming to the party.
"Thank you for coming to my party!" "Thank you for celebrating with me!" "I'm thankful that you were able to come to my party!"
Next, write one sentence about why you liked them being at the party.
"We had fun playing together." "It was funny when you sang me that super silly song." "You are a good friend, so I'm glad you came!"
Finally, end with the bottom bun- thank them for the gift they gave you.
"Thanks for the legos- I'm excited to build with them!" "Thanks for the craft kit- I can't wait to use it!" "Thank you for the costume- it looks really cool!"
For older kids, you can simply walk through this method, doing the first one together and letting them do the rest independently. For the younger children, you can work together to write a note that they can use as a template for all of the notes, just changing the names and the gift that was given. Sweet, simple and to the point is the best kind of thank you note for kids!
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