Three Simple Steps for a Meaningful Thank You Note

With spring birthdays, communions, baptisms, and Easter right around the corner, it is the perfect time to help children find easy and thoughtful ways to show their appreciation. There is no better way than through a well written note. No matter what their age, here is how to help children write thank you notes that truly stand out.
The "Three Sentence Rule" When doing any activity with children, it is important to keep things simple and fun. The "Three Sentence Rule" gives children three basic steps for what to include in every note they send. If your child is young, you can write your child's responses and they can draw a picture or sign their name. If your child is older, encourage them to add good details or an extra sentence to each step.
Step One: Thank You! The first sentence is always the place for a simple thank you for the gift. Straightforward and easy.
Step Two: The Gift Write one sentence about why the gift is special. This step helps your child express what they loved about receiving the gift, and provides a simple way for the gift giver know it was the perfect present for your child.
Step Three: The Giver Write one sentence about why the gift giver is special. This step is important for helping children make a meaningful connection between the gift and giver. It will warm the heart of the person who receives the note. Give children these simple steps on how to write thank you notes and they will turn piles of presents into cherished, memorable words of appreciation and kindness.
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