Modern Day Uses for Calling Cards for Kids

Calling cards for kids are still useful and a lot less painful than in the old days when you had to wait outside in your carriage for the servant to let you know if you passed muster. These are some modern ways to use these traditional etiquette devices.

Turn them into gift tags: It’s always been fashionable to enclose a calling card in a book or other gift to a friend. For a more casual touch, use a one hole paper puncher to make an opening in the corner to thread a ribbon through and tie it around any small present.

Teach networking skills: Think of them as business cards with training wheels. Your kids will grow up with a natural feel for looking for ways to help others, repay kindness, and nurture long term relationships.

Send a personal message: Talk with your kids about adding appropriate handwritten notes to their printed cards. They may want to let a sick friend know that they hope they’ll feel better soon. Maybe they’ll want to invite their friends out for a pony ride once they find out they’re missing out on that whole carriage thing.

Provide emergency information: It’s nice to have an extra reminder for the most important information another parent might need when your child is visiting another home. Parents could include both their cell phone numbers or a temporary contact if you’re out of town.

Post scheduling reminders: There’s a reason your dentist gives you a card for your next appointment. Busy parents appreciate a written notice confirming the date of an upcoming birthday party or piano recital. The rituals surrounding calling cards have changed over the years, but the purpose remains the same. They’re a practical and gracious method for facilitating social visits. They also give your kids a head start with etiquette that will help them build a successful future.

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