My Halloweens when I was a kid


Every year when Halloween comes along, it always brings back great memories of when I was a kid. I loved Halloween -- the excitement it brought was way more fun than the candy (although I liked that too as you can see). I would get so excited about the events of the day. I would wake up and put on my best orange outfit, head off to school where we'd always have a class party, and then rush home to do homework so I could carve my pumpkin! I loved creating a happy little face that glowed in the dark on my front stoop. Then I'd be sure my costume was all ready to go so I could put it on after dinner. Deciding on what I wanted to dress up as was the most fun. I'd start brainstorming in the summer and then ponder on it forever... We never went out and bought our costumes. My mom would put a few things together that she found around the house and POOF I had the cutest costume ever! The magic of mom! So anyway, we'd eat a quick dinner and then get DRESSED! I'd pray that it wouldn't be too cold... the worst was when I had to wear a coat over my beloved costume. When I was younger, my Dad always took my sister and I (she's pictured below) trick-or-treating while my mom stayed home and answered the door for all the other little kids in our neighborhood. I, of course, posted a photo of me the year I chose to dress up as a bumble bee. I remember that year because when I went to the door of an older couple who lived 2 doors down from us they said to me, "Are you a martian?" I guess they saw the antennae and thought martian? I was not pleased at their guess. But the candy they gave me made up for it. :) Halloween-amybee2

I hope you have a great Halloween this year with your little ones! My girls haven't decided what they want to dress up as yet. My youngest daughter has said she wants to be a cupcake. (How in the world am I going to pull that off?) I like to create their costumes like my mom did... so I'd better get out my magic mom dust! Oh... and if you are planning a Halloween Party this year or if you want to send your next note with seasonal flare, I have a few new invitations, stationery and such you may want to consider. See them here!

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