NEW Just for YOU! - June 8, 2009

Amy Adele New Items - June 8, 2009

This week features three newly-added T-shirts!

Boy's Robot T-shirt

Amy Adele Robot T-Shirt

This T-shirt features Amy's adorable blue and green robot design. Perfect for your cute little robot--programmed to always behave. ;)

Baby's Yellow Bird One-Piece Outfit

Amy Adele Baby's Yellow Bird one piece outfit

Amy's yellow bird design is one of my favorites. I just love how sweet that little bird looks on the delicate branch. Can't you just see your sweet and delicate little one wearing it already?

Girl's Artist Pallet T-shirt

Amy Adele Girl's Artist Pallet T-Shirt

Let your little girl tell the world about her love for art with this Girl's Artist Pallet T-shirt. You can experiment with several text colors when personalizing this lively shirt.

Check out our full selection of T-shirts now. Remember, if you see a favorite design on our site but not on a T-shirt, we can make it happen for your baby, little boy or girl.

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