NEW Just for YOU! - May 18, 2009

New Items - May 18, 2009

I just spent most of Friday adding Amy's designs onto more T-SHIRTS! Several new items have been added, but here are a just a select few to highlight this week:

Noah's Ark Baby One-Piece Outfit

Noah's Ark Baby one-piece outfit!

What better design for your new bundle of joy than the Noah's Ark? This is one of Amy's earliest designs and it is just precious.


Girl's Candy T-shirt

Girl's Candy T-Shirt!

Do you have a little one who's as sweet as sugar? This Girl's Candy T-shirt is bursting with color and flavor. :) The feminine cut t-shirt features a bag of goodies, lollipops, and rounded candy pieces scattered all around.

Boy's Skateboarder T-shirt

Boy's Skateboarder T-Shirt!

I am too old to have any street cred nowadays so I will save you my version of any skateboard lingo. Those that are well-versed in the current talk these days can personalize this cool t-shirt for their skateboarder.

As always, we love hearing from you so send us any ideas or Amy's designs you'd like to see on our T-shirts!

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