"Oh Mommy... he's too cute to eat!"

happy crab

We sell a lot of the little red crab stationery so I thought an invitation and other items would be good to add this summer. People love their crab and lobster parties, ya know! My husband’s aunt asked me to do a crab fest invitation for her so I placed my little red crab in a basket and put him on a table then added her text and she liked it just fine. When I went to prepare the design that would go on the site, my 11 year old daughter, Emily, took one look and said, ”Oh Mommy... he’s too cute to eat!”

Is this crab too cute to eat?

She’s often right about such things when it comes to my new designs and I value her honest opinion. As much as I loved my little red crab, I wondered if my customers would think the same thing. So I created two designs... one with the little red crab in a basket ready to be cooked and another one that was similar but with no cute faces showing. I sent it out to a few people and the majority said... nope, he’s too cute to eat! Geesh! I couldn’t leave my little red crab out to dry... what’s a girl to do? I really wanted my little red crab on an invite so I thought about it some more and came up with the perfect solution. I added my little red crab on an invite after all... just not in a basket ready to cook. That way my customers could think what they wanted... they could use it for a crab fest or just a simple kid’s party invite. Then for the serious seafood lovers, I did another invite with lobsters in a basket, but NO SMILES. Time will tell what will work best for my customers. I’m just glad I figured out my seafood invitation dilemma. :)

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