Organizing Kid's Clothing and Toys

With school coming back in session and your little monkey is getting more independent everyday. They are dressing themselves more. They are finding their own You want to encourage that independence. And yet every time you turn around, your little monkey has stripped of their clothes and has a new outfit on. You need a way to organize their clothing, so it is easy to access for you and them.

1. Picture labels: Toddlers are capable of learning where their clothing and toys belongs; however, a blank drawer front or toy bin doesn't mean much to them. Try taping a picture of the type of clothing you want to go in each drawer or bin right on the front. Then your child will know where to find their shirt and where to put away their socks. They will know where all the blocks and cars go. You can use word strips for older kids. If they get embarrassed about that, try putting the labels on the main part of the dresser right behind the drawer, so they are hidden when the drawer is closed but visible when open.

2. File the clothes: Instead of folding the clothes and laying them on top of each other in the drawer, try placing the folded clothes upright like files in a filing cabinet. In this way, you and your toddler can see all of the clothes at a glance. This might actually keep your toddler from feeling they need to pull everything out of the drawer to find that one favorite shirt.

3. Hang out of reach: Another option is to use smaller hangers to hang each of your child's clothes up in the closet. Once again, they can see the options without having to dump an entire drawer out. You don't have to spend as much time folding the clothes and they stay wrinkle free.

Toys can also be hung in simple drawstring bags from hangers. Then you can monitor which toys they have out. Rather than having all the toys in bins on the ground, you can keep some out of reach. In fact, some parents find that rotating which toys are at arms' reach keeps kids more satisfied with their play options. Each time you rotate, the kids feel they have brand new toys to play with.

4. Drawers under the bed: This is an underused area. Try placing shoes or toys in the drawers. Kids can access them easily, and they won't clutter the floor of the closet.

5. See through containers: Another option is to place similar toys in see-through containers so that kids know what is in them. Nothing is worse than finding every toy box dumped out to find that one special doll.

Organizing kids' clothing and toys allows your child to be more independent finding their own items as well as returning them to their appointed place. Organization will bring order to the busyness of life with kids.

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