Organizing Kids Toys in the Garage and Yard

Organizing kids toys may not sound so bad when you compare it to one of the toughest household challenges we all face. That’s the mess that builds up in our garages and yards. Try these 9 simple ideas that work just as well inside your home as they do outdoors.

Garbage cans: You can spend a fortune on a toy chest or buy an inexpensive garbage can to hold the big items. A variety of colorful plastic cans will look good and make sorting toys easier for small children.

Potter’s bench: These useful items are too good to be restricted to just the garden. Think of all the storage area and hanging space plus a convenient surface for work and play.

Hose: Yes, it would be messy to bring the hose into your child’s bedroom. Still, it comes in handy for tough cleaning jobs if you need to wash up before you can even think about organizing. A little dish washing liquid and a good hosing removes grime fast from many surfaces.

Hooks: Hooks aren't just for garage walls and college dorm rooms. If you've got small closets take advantage of wall space for hanging lightweight toys. Stuff them into tote bags and hang them by the handles. S

mall jars and containers: The same transparent containers filled with nails and screws can be used for tiny craft supplies, marbles and other small treasures. Drawer organizers work well too.

Platforms: If you love having room under your deck to keep things out of sight, how about a platform bed or other raised surface?

Categories and labels: If you keep your garage shelves labeled, why not create a similar system in your child’s room?

Ceiling storage net: If you don’t already have a net installed under your garage ceiling, buy two. You can use them like hammocks to store stuffed toys or anything lightweight.

Tarp: As a last resort, a big tarp or blanket can keep the mess under cover until you have time to organize. Sometimes that’s the best you can do.

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