Our Halloween 2010


I just wanted to write a quick follow up from my last post to tell you all of this year's Halloween at our home! Emily was a self described "orange-a-holic", Grace was a pumpkin (an old costume my mom made for me when I was a kid), and Corban was a lion. I converted a brown sleeper into a lion costume by sewing orange and yellow felt onto it for the mane. We got a good laugh because he kinda looked like an Indian chief when I first started putting it together but I curled them a bit and that helped. Corban wore his costume long enough to prowl around before bedtime and then the girls and I went off on a hunt for candy! (Dad held down the fort by handing out treats.) My oldest, Emily, was especially determined to get a bunch by RUNNING from house to house. I wasn't expecting to get a work out, but that's ok... I needed to work off the extra candy calories anyway. She savers every piece and eats her candy at a pretty slow pace, so I estimate by how much she gathered, it'll last her until next Halloween without a problem! Here's hoping your Halloween was safe and tasty!

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